GWTC-3 Catalog and O3b Bulk Strain Data Release

The largest catalog of gravitational wave events ever assembled has been released today, with dozens of ripples in space time captured by a global network of detectors. The catalog updates the list of all gravitational-wave events observed to date with events observed between November 2019 and March 2020, using three international detectors: The two Advanced LIGO detectors in Livingston, LA and Hanford, WA, and the Advanced Virgo Detector in Italy.

Data from these three detectors have been carefully analyzed by an international team of scientists from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, the Virgo Collaboration and the KAGRA Collaboration.

More information and a pointer can be found at

In addition, the LIGO and Virgo collaborations have released bulk strain data taken during the last six months of the 3rd Observing Run (O3). This is the O3b data release. It includes data taken between November 2019 and March 2020, from the LIGO and Virgo detectors. See the released data at the GWOSC website.

See also: A webinar about GWTC-3 and O3b results.

Image: Gravitational wave merger detections since 2015. This image shows gravitational-wave merger detections from observational runs O1, O2, and O3 (including O3a and O3b data). Credit: Carl Knox (OzGrav, Swinburne University of Technology).

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