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LIGO Lab's Weiss, Thorne, and Barish Awarded the 2017 Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award

Rainer Weiss (LIGO MIT), Kip S. Thorne (LIGO Caltech), and Barry C. Barish (LIGO Caltech) are tbe winners of the 2017 Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award, Shanghai's Fudan University has announced. The three LIGO co-founders are recognized "for their extraordinary contributions to research on gravitational waves," according toChina Daily. The recipients will share a 3 million yuan (US$455,150) prize, donated by the Zhongzhi Enterprise Group. Each recipient will also receive a certificate of merit and a trophy. The award will be presented on December 17, 2017 in Shanghai.

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The Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award was jointly established in 2015 by Fudan University, one of the most prestigious in China, and the Zhongzhi Enterprize Group, one of China's leading asset management companies. It is awarded annually "in recognition of the global scientists who have made fundamental and distinguished achievements in the fields of biomedicine, physics and mathema…

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