At the 2022 Caltech Staff Service and Impact Awards ceremony, the Institute honored 14 LIGO personnel for their many years of service to LIGO and Caltech. The 67th Annual ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 1, and recognized more than 200 Caltech staff members for service ranging from 10 to 45 years.

LIGO personnel honored this year were:

  • Rick Savage, LHO (30 years)
  • Mike Fyffe, LLO (25 years)
  • Richard McCarthy, LHO (25 years)
  • Daniel Sigg, LHO (25 years)
  • Mike Zucker, Caltech (25 years)
  • Filiberto Clara, LHO (20 years)
  • Valera Frolov, LLO (20 years)
  • Joe Hanson, LLO (20 years)
  • Brian O'Reilly, LLO (20 years)
  • Joe Betzwieser, LLO (15 years)
  • Aidan Brooks, Caltech (15 years)
  • Chub Osthelder, Caltech (15 years)
  • Anamaria Effler, LLO (10 years)
  • Stuart Aston, LLO (10 years)

Together, the group represents 275 years of service. Congratulations to the awardees from all of us at the Lab!

Shown in the photo:

Top row left: Chub Osthelder.

2nd row (left to right): Daniel Sigg, Mike Fyffe, Richard McCarthy, Rick Savage.

3rd row (left to right): Stuart Aston, Filiberto Clara, Aidan Brooks.

Absent: Joe Betzwieser, Anamaria Effler, Valera Frolov, Joe Hanson, Brian O'Reilly, Mike Zucker

LIGO Laboratory Human Resource Coordinator Lorna Campbell (top row, 2nd from left), LIGO Laboratory Director David Reitze (top row, 3rd from left) and Deputy Director Albert Lazzarini (top row, right) congratulate the awardees.

Image credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab

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