Webinar on GW190521 Results from the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra Collaboration

On September 3rd the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra Collaboration will hold a one-hour live-streamed Zoom webinar, presenting the GW190521 results. The webinar will take place at 13:00 UTC (22:00 JST, 15:00 CEST, 09:00 EDT, 08:00 CDT, 06:00 PDT).

The webinar will be broadcast on the European Gravitational Observatory Zoom channel. To join on Zoom, you need to pre-register at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86896814123.  You will then receive an email (in French) with full connection information, including a clickable link to join on Thursday.

The webinar will also be live streamed on the LIGO Virgo YouTube channel and a recording will be posted after the event.

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