Eighteen LIGO Staff Honored at Caltech's 2020 Service and Impact Awards

At the Caltech Staff Service and Impact Awards ceremony, the Institute honored 18 LIGO personnel for their many years of service to LIGO and Caltech. The 65th Annual ceremony was held online on Tuesday, June 23, and recognized over 250 Caltech staff members for service ranging from 10 to 40 years.

LIGO personnel honored this year were:

  • Rich Abbott (LIGO-Caltech; 25 years)
  • Stuart Anderson (LIGO-Caltech; 25 years)
  • Juan Barayoga (LIGO-Caltech; 20 years)
  • David Barker (LHO; 25 years)
  • GariLynn Billingsley (LIGO-Caltech; 25 years)
  • Sebastien Biscans (LLO; 10 years)
  • James (Kent) Blackburn (LIGO-Caltech; 25 years)
  • Christina Carrasco (LHO; 10 years)
  • Matthew Cowart (LLO; 10 years)
  • Dennis Coyne (LIGO-Caltech; 25 years)
  • Kenneth (Dwayne) Giardina (LLO; 15 years)
  • Michael Landry (LHO; 20 years)
  • Marc Lormand (LLO; 20 years)
  • Gregory Mendell (LHO; 20 years)
  • Gerardo Moreno (LHO; 20 years)
  • Harry Overmier (LLO; 20 years)
  • Janeen Romie (LLO; 25 years)
  • Gary Traylor (LLO; 20 years)

About the image: During a virtual celebration, LIGO Lab Directorate congratulated the LHO, LLO, and LIGO-CIT personnel honored at Caltech's 65th Service and Impact Awards. Credits: Service and Impact Awards logo: Caltech; collage: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab

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