LLO Head Joseph Giaime Receives the LSU Distinguished Research Master Award

Joseph Giaime, the head of the LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO) and a professor in the LSU Department of Physics & Astronomyat the Louisiana State University (LSU), has received the LSU Distinguished Research Master Award. From the award's website: "Since 1972, the LSU Council on Research has presented the award of Distinguished Research Master to two LSU faculty on an annual basis in recognition of outstanding career accomplishments in research and scholarship. One recipient is chosen within the fields of the arts, humanities, social, and behavioral sciences, and another recipient within the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The award consists of a University Medal, a certificate designating the recipient as a Distinguished Research Master, and a salary supplement."

Read the interview with Prof Giaime, in which he talks about his career in research and leadership, and a century-long journey from Einstein's concept of space-time to Joseph Weber's early experiments with bar detectors to LIGO's groundbreaking discovery of gravitational waves in 2015.

Image credit: Louisiana State University

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