Episode 9 of the LIGO Documentary Released

This episode, titled "aLIGO SNAPS," brings together into one episode all eight of the aLIGO SNAPS -- the short profiles that conclude each episode. The SNAPS are: "Max Isi and Sarah Gossan," "Teresita Ramirez," "Squeezed Light," "First Light," "Janeen Romie," "A New Measure of the Universe," "Barry Barish: The Nobel Book," and "Into the Unknown," in which Stan Whitcomb talks about what will happen when LIGO detects a signal it can't explain.


Watch below:

EPISODE 9 - LIGO: A DISCOVERY THAT SHOOK THE WORLD from aLIGO Documentary Project on Vimeo.


Previous episodes

Episode 8, LIGO and Beyond (released October 21, 2019)
Episodes 6, Movies Made from Numbers and 7, Stockholm (released October 18, 2019)
Episodes 4, Inventing LIGO and 5, Advanced LIGO (released October 14, 2019)
Episode 3, So Many Staggering Insights about Our Universe (released February 22, 2018)
Episode 2, The New Age of Gravitational Wave Astronomy (released August 9, 2017)
Episode 1, Mirrors that Hang on Glass Threads (released February 16, 2017)

Image and videos courtesy of Les Guthman / aLIGO Documentary Project.

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