Three LIGO Scientists Awarded the 2019 New Horizons in Physics Prize

Three leading LIGO scientists Rana Adhikari (Professor of Physics, Caltech), Lisa Barsotti (Principal Research Scientist, MIT Kavli Institute), and Matthew Evans (Associate Professor of Physics, MIT) are the recipients of the 2019 New Horizons in Physics Prize, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation has announced. Rana, Lisa, and Matt are recognized "For research on present and future ground-based detectors of gravitational waves."

The New Horizons Prizes are a subset of annual Breakthrough Prizes; up to three $100,000 New Horizons prizes in Physics are awarded annually to early-career researchers who have made important contributions in their fields. The 2019 Breakthrough Prize and New Horizons Prize awards will be presented at the 7th annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony, known as the "Oscars of Science," on Sunday, November 4, at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, and broadcast live on the National Geographic channel.

Congratulations to Rana, Lisa, and Matt!

Images: Caltech; MIT Kavli Institute

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