LIGO Staff Honored at Caltech's 2018 Service and Impact Awards

At the Caltech Staff Service and Impact Awards ceremony, the Institute honored 22 LIGO personnel for their many years of service to LIGO and Caltech. The 63rd Annual ceremony took place Thursday, May 31, and recognized almost 300 Caltech staff members for service ranging from 10 to 50 years.

LIGO personnel honored this year were:

Carl Adams (LLO; 10 years)
Melody Araya (LIGO-Caltech; 10 years)
Philip Ehrens (LIGO-Caltech; 10 years)
Todd Etzel (LIGO-Caltech; 10 years)
Corey Gray (LHO; 20 years)
Jonathan Hanks (LHO; 10 years)
Willie Hawkins (LLO; 10 years)
Dan Kozak (LIGO-Caltech; 10 years)
Michael Laxen (LLO; 10 years)
Dan Moraru (LHO; 10 years)
Michael Pedraza (LIGO-Caltech; 10 years)
Fred Raab (LHO; 30 years)
Hugh Radkins (LHO; 20 years)
Vernon Sandberg (LHO; 15 years)
Rick Savage (LHO; 25 years)
Michael Thomas (LLO; 15 years)
Patrick Thomas (LHO; 10 years)
Keith Thorne (LLO; 10 years)
Calum Torrie (LIGO-Caltech; 15 years)
Larry Wallace (LIGO-Caltech; 35 years)
Liyuan Zhang (LIGO-Caltech, 20 years)
John Zweizig (LIGO-Caltech, 20 years)

Corey Gray (LHO) is one of the honorees profiled at the Awards website; read his bio.

This year's 22 LIGO honorees represent a total 335 years of service!

Pictured (left to right):
Top row: Rick Savage, Carl Adams, Patrick Thomas, Melody Araya, Calum Torrie. Middle row: Dan Kozak, John Zweizig, Jonathan Hanks, Larry Wallace, Fred Raab, Todd Etzel, Liyuan Zhang. Front row: Corey Gray, Hugh Radkins. Photo: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab

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