Data from Advanced LIGO's 1st Observing Run Released

LIGO Open Data Science Center (LOSC) has released data from the first observing run (O1) of the Advanced LIGO detectors. (The Virgo detector was not collecting data during O1.) An observing run is a period of active data collection. The O1 run took place between 2015 Sep 12th 0:00 UTC (GPS 1126051217) and 2016 Jan 19 16:00 UTC (GPS 1137254417). During that time, the two LIGO detectors, H1 in Hanford, Washington and L1 in Livingston, Louisiana collected data, in which three events were later identified, two confirmed (GW150914 and GW151226) and one possible. The two confirmed events in O1 became LIGO's first and second detections of gravitational waves from binary black hole mergers.

More at the O1 data release page.

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