LIGO Lab Hosts the 12th Amaldi Conference

On July 9-14, LIGO Caltech hosted the 12th Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves. Named after the Italian physicist Edoardo Amaldi, who pioneered the field of GW detection in Europe, the biannual meeting was the 1st one since LIGO and Virgo announced the detection of gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes into a single black hole. The meeting's website stated, "Unlike previous Amaldi Conferences that focused on anticipated gravitational wave science and detector development, this is the first Amaldi conference to examine the science arising from the LIGO-Virgo detections and the successful LISA Pathfinder mission, the precursor to LISA."

The conference covered a wide range of topics, from future development of earth-based and space-based detectors, to waveform modeling of gravitational waves from a variety of astrophysical sources, to progress made in the field of pulsar timing arrays. Special emphasis was given to the connection between gravitational wave science and the fields of observational astrophysics and multi-messenger astronomy.

The meeting was attended by 155 people from dozens of institutions across the world.

More at the Amaldi12 website.

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