LIGO Staff Honored at Caltech's 2017 Service and Impact Awards

The eighteen LIGO personnel represent a total 270 years of service.

At the Caltech Staff Service and Impact Awards ceremony today, the Institute honored 18 LIGO scientists, engineers, and administrators for their many years of dedication and service to LIGO and Caltech. The 62nd Annual ceremony took place Thursday, June 1, and recognized over 300 Caltech staff members for service ranging from 10 to 45 years.

LIGO personnel honored this year were:

Aidan Brooks (LIGO-CIT; 10 years)
Joseph (Joe) Betzwieser (LLO; 10 years)
Filiberto Clara (LHO; 15 years)
Valery Frolov (LLO; 15 years)
Michael Fyffe (LLO; 20 years)
Joseph Giaime (LLO; 10 years)
Eric Gustafson (LIGO-CIT; 10 years)
Joe Hanson (LLO; 15 years)
Richard McCarthy (LHO; 20 years)
Brian O'Reilly (LLO; 15 years)
Norna Robertson (LIGO-CIT; 10 years)
Kyle Ryan (LHO; 20 years)
Regina Salone (LIGO-CIT; 10 years)
Daniel Sigg (LHO; 20 years)
Amber Stuver (LLO; 10 years)
Cheryl Vorvick (LHO; 15 years)
Hiroaki Yamamoto (LIGO-CIT; 25 yrs)
Michael Zucker (LLO; 20 years)

Dr. Hiroaki Yamamoto, LIGO Theoretical Physics & Simulation Group Leader, is the longest-serving member of this year's group. He's been at Caltech for 25 years, all of them at LIGO. Read Hiro's profile at the 2017 Service Awards biographies page.

Congratulations and thanks to all of our honorees!

Image (l-r): Eric Gustafson, Norna Robertson, Aidan Brooks, Hiroaki Yamamoto. Credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab

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