Barry Barish Awarded the 2016 Enrico Fermi Prize

Former LIGO Director and PI is honored by the Italian Physical Society.
Barry Barish, LIGO's former Director and Primary Investigator, was awarded the prestigious Enrico Fermi Prize of the Italian Physical Society. Prof. Barish shares the prize with Dr. Adalberto Giazotto of the Virgo Collaboration. Quoting the Italian Physical Society, the prize was awarded to Prof. Barish "for his fundamental contributions to the formation of the LIGO and LIGO-Virgo scientific collaborations and for his role in addressing challenging technological and scientific aspects whose solution led to the first detection of gravitational waves." The Prize was created in 2001 by the Italian Physical Society in commemoration of Enrico Fermi's 100th birthday. It is awarded annually to one or more members of the Society for their contributions to groundbreaking discoveries in physics.

Photo: Kimbery Teske Fetrow