LISA Pathfinder Exceeds Expectations

LISA Pathfinder team releases successful test results ahead of time.

In an article released today, the LISA Pathfinder team has announced its success in demonstrating the key technologies that are needed to build a space-based gravitational wave detector.

LISA Pathfinder was launched in December 2015 as a proof-of-concept mission for a future space-based Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. Ahead of schedule, after only 2 months of operation, the instrument has exceeded the level of precision that would be required for a space-based gravitational wave detector. Even though the actual observatory is still many years away from completion, this success proves the feasibility of the space-based observatory, which is planned to be launched by 2034.

Image: A model of the LISA Pathfinder. Credit: DLR German Aerospace Center via Wikimedia Commons.

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