LIGO Staff Honored at the Caltech Service and Impact Awards

The ten LIGO members represent 170 years of service.

June 2, 2016 -- At the 2016 Caltech Service and Impact Awards ceremony, the Institute honored LIGO scientists, engineers, and administrators for their many years of dedication and service to LIGO and Caltech. The 61th Annual ceremony took place Thursday, June 2, and recognized more than 300 Caltech staff members for service ranging from 10 to 50 years.

Among the recipients were the following LIGO personnel:
Ben Abbott (15 years), Stuart Anderson (20 years), Juan Barayoga (15 years), David Barker (20 years), Dennis Coyne (20 years), Dwayne Giardina (10 years), Julie Hiroto (30 years), Kathy Holt (10 years), Peter King (15 years), Marc Lormand (15 years)
Congratulations and thanks to all our valued staff!