Gravitational Waves -- Sooner than Later?

Barry Barish is the Roland and Maxine Linde Professor of Physics at Caltech and the former Director and Primary Investigator of LIGO. Stan Whitcomb is LIGO's Chief Scientist. Prof Barish and Dr Whitcomb were interviewed by Caltech's Douglas Smith about LIGO's past, present, and future on 26 May, 2015. Read the full interview.

Prof Barry Barish. (Image: Kimberly Teske Fetrow)

Dr Stan Whitcomb. (Image: Kimberly Teske Fetrow)

"When we started this back in 1989, some people were a bit skeptical. With LIGO the common lore is we are 10 years away from detecting gravitational waves. I would say that it's not 10 years any longer. It's probably within five."

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