Sixteen LIGO Staff Honored at Caltech's 59th Service Awards

At the 2014 Caltech Service Awards ceremony, the institute honored this year LIGO scientists, engineers, and administrators for their many years of dedication and service to LIGO and Caltech. The 59th Annual ceremony took place Monday, June 2, and recognized over 250 staff members for service ranging from 10 to 50 years.

Among the recipients were the following LIGO personnel: Rolf Bork (20 years), Keita Kawabe (10 years), Veronica Kondrashov (15 years), Mohana Mageswaran (15 years), Ed Maros (15 years), Steve Marroquin (25 years), Fred Raab (25 years), Vern Sandberg (10 years), Daniel Sellers (10 years), Calum Torrie (10 years), Steve Vass (40 years), Betsy Weaver (15 years), Carol Wilkinson (10 years), John Worden (20 years), John Zweizig (15 years), and Michael Zucker (10 years). In total, this group represents 265 years of service to LIGO and Caltech. Congratulations and thanks to all our valued staff!

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