LIGO in LaserFest

LaserFest is the 2010 worldwide commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of the laser. LIGO invites physics classrooms across the U.S. to subscribe to a 50-minute video program, offered at three different times on November 15th, that will provide an up-close look at LIGO's use of laser technology. LIGO scientists at MIT, Caltech, and the LIGO Hanford and LIGO Livingston Observatories will demonstrate cutting-edge laser systems in a broadcast over the internet using EVO, the worldwide collaboration network. A live Q&A session will conclude each broadcast. Teachers who cannot utilize the live broadcasts can show the fully recorded version in their classrooms using EVO between November 16th and November 19th. How can schools participate? Find all the details at the LIGO in LaserFest website.

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