Astronomy's New Messengers

At the 2010 World Science Festival in New York City (June 2 - 6), LIGO's special interactive exhibit, "Astronomy's New Messengers," attracted over 2100 attendees. In addition, an overwhelming crowd of 400 guests attended the panel discussion on gravitational waves moderated by noted science-writer Marcia Bartusiak, which included LIGO panelists Rai Weiss and Kip Thorne, as well as pulsar-timing expert Andrea Lommen and astronomer Laura Danly.

The LIGO exhibit offers a close, hands-on look at the pioneering work now underway by a group of over 800 physicists and astronomers worldwide collaborating in the search for gravitational waves.

A number of science museums throughout the country have expressed strong interest in hosting "Astronomy's New Messengers," and the exhibit will shortly begin touring to various locations nationwide.

Watch this You Tube video of the exhibit at the NYC World Science Festival.

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